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When you feel better, life gets easier!

All services are offered remotely, in person at my office, or I'll come to you!
Sessions are a combination of the below modalities, unless otherwise requested.

Reiki & Energy Medicine

Energy healing is an ancient method used to restore your Life Force Energy while removing energy blockages that disrupt your natural flow of Chi or Prana. This energy moves through your subtle energy fields and physical body to restore balance where it is needed. Reduce stress, feel at peace, enjoy better sleep, and a overall calmness. Sessions are offered remote or in person.

Sound & Vibrational


The ancient Solfeggio frequencies promote healing and spiritual growth. They awaken the deepest part of your being to your inner most Divine potential. The process clears, balances and connects your  then opens you to receive Life Force Energy that travels to every cell of your body. The toning In person sessions are offered for this treatment either at my location or yours.  


Re-program your subconscious with a new belief system that you choose, not one that came from your parents, teachers, and family. This process is like hypnosis, but much faster. It works on areas of your life such as Finance, Health, Relationships, Personal Power, Spirituality, and Self Esteem to name a few. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is vitally important to aligning with your desires. This is similar to updating your computer to run a new program, but this is so much more important because it is your life! Remote or in person available.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

The ancient people named the energy centers located all over the body chakras, which means wheels of light. The main seven chakras begin at the base of the spine and continue up to the head. Think of these energy centers as databases that collect information throughout your lifetime then store this information on "computer disks", the chakras. Each chakra governs an area of the body and feeds life force energy to that area. Over time the chakras become overloaded making the organs and glands congested causing health issues.
For instance, people with a closed throat chakra tend to develop thyroid problems. When the chakras are cleared, balanced and functioning properly the physical health responds positively. In person or remote sessions. 

Emotional Release

Traumatic events and emotional upsets that have been stuffed down and not dealt with become trapped in our bodies. These trapped emotions can become a source of pain and congestion in the body because they block our natural energy flow. Emotions such as grief, worry, stress, anger, and frustration can easily be released to open you up to receive more joy and love in your life. Remote or in person sessions available.

Spiritual Consultation

Consultations are for you to talk freely and openly about any topics concerning you. You may need a kind ear to talk to about your spiritual awakening or what steps to take to begin your journey. Maybe you have had paranormal experiences and need someone to discuss them with. I am here for you. Remote and in person sessions available.

Aura Clearing

An Aura Clearing helps with issues you may be experiencing do to energetic attachments, past life karmic carry over, or ancestral patterns. This procedure also includes removing psychic cords, ET interferences, curses and spells. Your aura is then repaired, balanced and strengthened. If needed, a soul retrieval procedure will be included. Remote or in person treatment sessions.

Soul Readings

In this reading your own soul reveals information about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health that it would like you to know. This higher part of you has information to share with the human part of you on how to feel better, be happier, and find your soul's purpose. Your soul is your biggest ally and would like to give you information on how you can get back on track or applaud you for doing a fabulous job. Do to blockages in your energy field you may not be able to hear the messages on your own. A Soul Reading is not to be confused with a psychic reading. A Soul Reading is about things happening now that you need to know about to improve your health and get you on track to accomplish your life's mission. This reading will uncover hidden aspects that may be holding you back such as curses, hexes, spells, childhood trauma, past life karma that needs resolved, and ancestral patterning. Readings are remote only. You will receive a detailed email outlining the reading. We will then set up a 20 minute phone consultation to go over the results and discuss solutions.

Get specific questions answered by your own higher guidance. It can be questions regarding relationships, potential moves, career choices, or something as simple as asking if a certain vitamin is helpful for you to take. Bring your questions and we will get some answers for you. Remote sessions are available.

Intuitive Readings

Bach Flower


Bach Flower Essences are the perfect compliment to any type of energy work. You will receive a personalized blend that is specific to you and your needs. The remedies work on a soul level to heal traumas, worry, fears, and any type of emotional upset. These flower remedies are a safe and effective form of holistic therapy for adults, children, and pets.   

Sacred Space 


It is important that you have a sacred space in your home, even if it's only a corner of a room. I am offering to come to your home to balance the energies and clear any residue from previous owners. I will also offer suggestions on creating your own sacred space where you can de-stress and relax. A home should offer a sense of calmness and peace as soon as you enter the door. Clearing out the energetic residue from the prior owner is especially important when you move into a new home, especially if there was a divorce, arguing, a hoarding situation, foreclosure, drug use, or a death. Video call also available.

Homeopathic Remedies, Essential Oils, and Flower Remedies are recommended as needed. 

Alternative Pet Care is available upon request!

Disclaimer - The services offered by Dr. Kristi are complementary health techniques that are designed to help a person feel better, they are not meant to diagnose or treat medical or psychological conditions, or diseases. It is your responsibility to seek the advise of a professional health practitioner as you feel is needed.

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